Vecchio Vigneto

In the small villages around Manduria in Puglia time seems to stand still. Though, in the last decade more and more old vineyards revert to wilderness or were uprooted due to EU subsidies. These very old vineyards, often 60-80 year old, evoke not only strong emotions but rather produce the most original and authentic wines reflecting the terroir of this cultural region. On the poor and sandy soils, which are even disdained by the phylloxera, the remaining old vines grow in the harsh wind of the Ionian Sea. The small plots are usually cultivated by experienced part-time farmers purely by hand. The old and traditional training system of the vines, locally called "albarello", protects the grapes from the intense sun, makes, however, at the same time the use of supportive machines impossible and reduces the yield to around half a kilo per plant. The salty sea breeze and long sunshine hours create optimum conditions for organically orientated cultivation.

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