the project Sicily – Nero d'Avola, Grillo and Shiraz thrive perfectly in the southwest of the island.

In Sicily the potential for high quality, native grape varieties is almost unlimited. This wine region has been regarded in the last few years as an Eldorado for original wines with good prices. Nero d´Avola and the white grape variety Grillo thrive perfectly in the southwest of the island. Here, in the province of Vittoria, is the home of TERRE DI CAMPO SASSO S.R.L. Almost 150 winegrowing families are involved in the project with their best vineyards. The winegrowers receive a guaranteed renumeration for their grapes, provided that the quality meets the requirement. The level of income of the winegrowers has significantly increased, old vineyards are being managed again and the farming region has been brought into bloom. As in Puglia the grapes are hand harvested and are vinified and developed in leased cellars on site. Due to the high temperatures on the island the whole process takes place in air-conditioned cellars. As well as the Grillo, the Nero d´Avola is produced in stainless steel tanks, whereas the Syriacos is aged in barrique.

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